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The most soothing method of massage therapy focuses on calming the nerves and relaxing stiff muscles. A proven stress reliever, this treatment is customized to address your bodies specific needs.

Deep Tissue

This massage is designed for individuals seeking a deeper pressure on strained and sore areas. This tailored treatment will focus on areas of concern easing tension and muscle pain, helping to de-stress the body and to promote healing.

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing system that combines broad and targeted acupressure, stimulation and manipulation of energy lines called sen, and assisted yoga postures. Treatment effects are enhanced when the patient is fully relaxed and breathing deeply. The result of a full-body Thai treatment is often an exciting and powerful mind/body healing experience, bringing both the recipient and the practitioner to heightened states of physical and spiritual well-being.

Hot Stone

Transcend relaxation with this thermal massage that combines a soothing touch with heated basalt stones to transfer heat deeply into stiff, sore and aching muscles.

Thai Massage Flow

We use a unique blend of mind and body technique to introduce the client to their inner zen. Our therapists use a vast array of smooth and soothing strokes of western massage in conjunction with the healing and therapeutic elements of eastern massage.  Breath and meditation techniques are introduced to settle the busy mind as the therapist settles the body.